LowEndBoxes Review (LEBRE) was born to provide a reliable source of information where consumers be informed of the latest deals for virtual machines or VPS that cost just a few dollars a month from reliable providers.

LowEndBoxes Review serves the lowend enthusiast community in a few ways:

  • providing updates about latest lowend hosting deals available (only deals USD7 and below per month will be featured)
  • providing a LEBRE scoring system to help potential buyers of lowend boxes quickly determine the value of lowend deals based on paper specifications
  • providing links to real-world benchmarks by real users
  • maintaining a lowend hosting provider whitelist
  • serving as an information repository of lowend offers, both for buyers to compare past trends and for providers to develop future products

Information about hosting deals are sourced from publicly available online information sources. LowEndBoxes Review does not respond to any request to feature deals, be reviewed or to be placed on The Whitelist. LowEndBoxes Review does not receive any financial benefit from featured deals, reviews or placement on our white list.

If you would like to support LowEndBoxes Review because you enjoy our work, you can consider using our affiliate link (if available) when you sign up for any hosting service after reviewing the information on our site.

TL;DR sudo LEBRE allow from The Whitelist && sudo LEBRE enable