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Nexus Bytes LA Ryzen 3900X Pre-order Special

The very first offer to be reviewed for price-performance value in 2020 is the Nexus Bytes LA Ryzen 3900X pre-order special. Nexus Bytes should be familiar with all the readers of LowEndBoxes Review because our reference REBOX1 comes from them. The question is, do they have a better offer than REBOX1 in 2020? Their LA pre-order special looks to be one that exceeds expectations! Let’s look at the specs of the VPS-1G-Pre-Order-Special plan:

  • AMD Ryzen 3900X @ 3.8Ghz
  • 1 vCPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 30GB disk storage
  • NVMe disk type
  • 1TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1 Gbps Port
  • $1.76 per month (annual payment with Switcher and Bencher special, otherwise $3/m)
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Location: Los Angeles, California

Nexus Bytes have done something very interesting of late to give greater value for their products. They have introduced the Switcher special, where if you currently own a VPS with other providers, you can “trade in” for up to four months worth of extra service credit. That means with an annual payment, you get 16 months instead of 12 months with the Switcher special.

In addition, if you post a benchmark of your new VPS on the LowEndSpirit Forum, Nexus Bytes will give you an additional month of service credit, making a total of 17 months for your first annual payment. Effectively, the monthly price stacking all these promos together works out to be $1.76. What a deal!

The results of the LEBRE scoring methodology (using the $1.76 per month amount) is as follows:

Well, it is clear that this LA pre-order special is more than a match for our 2019 REBOX1! Aside from the bandwidth (which is still decent), it effectively matches REBOX1 in terms of the value you are getting for the number of vCPUs and RAM, but you are getting almost double value in terms of the CPU Passmark, disk size, disk type and port speed! The overall LEBRE score of 141 clearly indicates that you are getting much more value per dollar than the previous excellent REBOX1 offer!

Of course, you might be thinking that this is a teeny-weeny little sparrow of a VPS and you need a bad-ass bald eagle instead. Nexus Bytes actually allows you to scale this smallest plan all the way up to 12 vCPUs, 12GB RAM, 360GB NVMe and 12TB monthly bandwidth for pre-order, and all the switcher and bencher perks apply. We just didn’t have time to calculate them all. The range of plans can be found here.

As with all Nexus Bytes plans, you get a free backup NAT storage VPS equivalent to your VPS storage size, free Blesta billing software and for annual payment, a free Windows server 2019 license.

TL;DR Basically REBOX1 rebooted with better value when trading in your current VPS plan, with the option of up-sizing or supersizing to suit your requirements.

If you are afraid of missing this excellent Nexus Bytes LA Ryzen 3900X Pre-order Special, buy your box immediately (or check out their up-sized and supersized variants) and support Nexus Bytes, who is on The Whitelist.

HostDoc LES Ryzen LA Special

Today, we have with us the HostDoc LES Ryzen LA offer that is unusual because it is the first AMD Ryzen VPS offering that is being offered by them! They join the select few hosts on The Whitelist such as ExtraVM and Nexus Bytes in offering AMD-based VPSes. The specs of this latest offering from HostDoc is as follows:

  • AMD Ryzen 3900X @ 3.80GHz
  • 4 vCPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 50GB Disk
  • NVME
  • 5TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 10 Gbps Port
  • £4.99 per month (annual payment; otherwise £6.99 per month)
  • KVM Virtualization

The results of the LEBRE scoring methodology (using the lower £4.99 amount) is as follows:

Compared to REBOX1, which is also an AMD VPS, the value of this HostDoc Dallas sale offering is acceptable in terms host node single-core Passmark and disk type. Although HostDoc’s Ryzen 3900X is a little more powerful than the Ryzen 3700X which our REBOX1 uses and similar Nvme storage type, the higher asking price pulled down its value in these areas.

Aside from these two aspects, this HostDoc Ryzen offering goes head to head with our REBOX1 in every other aspect and completely obliterates the REBOX1 with a blazing 10 Gbps port speed (a rare offering for lowend boxes).

The overall LEBRE score of 137 suggests that this HostDoc Dallas sale offering is of excellent value compared to the reference REBOX1. You are pretty much getting the value of REBOX1 except that this HostDoc offer is on steriods in terms of port speed. If we put value aside, in terms of the raw specs, this HostDoc offering will beat many of the Intel VPSes on the market because of the powerful Ryzen 3900X, which can outperform even low-end dedicated machines. If you are shopping for a low end VPS that can rival cheap dedicated machines at a fraction of the cost, this HostDoc offer is your answer.

TL;DR If you missed out on the REBOX1 previously, don’t miss out on this Ryzen VPS that is just as good value for money, but leaves REBOX1 in the dust when it comes to port speed.

Stocks are limited and if you don’t want to miss out this first ever HostDoc LES Ryzen LA deal, buy your box immediately and support HostDoc, who is on The Whitelist.

Update: real-world VPS benchmarks

  • https://talk.lowendspirit.com/discussion/comment/9587/#Comment_9587