LEBRE Methodology

The LEBRE score of a lowend box or VPS is computed considering the following factors:

  1. Host node CPU Single Thread Passmark Score
  2. Number of vCPUs
  3. Amount of RAM
  4. Disk storage capacity
  5. Disk storage type (HDD, SSD, Nvme)
  6. Bandwidth allocated
  7. Port Speed
  8. Monthly price (in USD)

Every single item from 1 to 7 is divided by the monthly price to derive its value score (V-score). The LEBRE score of the item is calculated by expressing the V-score as a proportion of the V-score of the reference box, where the reference box is always fixed at 100 points.

The overall LEBRE score or value of the lowend box is basically the average of the LEBRE item score of items 1 to 7.

LEBRE score calculation example

Evaluated box CPU Single Thread Passmark Score: 1428
Evaluated box monthly price (in USD): 2.99
EVA V-score: 1428/ 2.99 = 498

Reference box CPU Single Thread Passmark Score: 2910
Evaluated box monthly price (in USD): 3.25
REF V-score: 2910 / 3.25 = 895

Single-core Passmark LEBRE score for evaluated box: (498 / 895) * 100 = 56
Single-core Passmark LEBRE score for reference box: 100 (fixed)

LEBRE score interpretation using example above

An item score below 100 means that item offers less value compared to our reference box, while an item score above 100 means that item offers greater value compared to our reference box.

Therefore, the per-dollar value of the CPU performance of the evaluated box is significantly lower (56 points) than the reference box (100 points).

Important Notes

The LEBRE score is NOT some scientifically rigorous and objective measurement method. It aims provides a quick and easy way to evaluate the value of a lowend box relative to our reference box, which has been judged to deliver excellent value.

Because the reference box is of such excellent value, it is not uncommon to see LEBRE scores of less than 100 in our evaluations. It is up to the individual to decide the range of LEBRE score values that is acceptable. As a rule of thumb, a score of above 70 represents good value, while a score above 100 represents exceptional value relative to our reference box.

The reader is also advised to consider the competency of the provider in managing the host node which the lowend box resides in. LEBRE scores are based on paper specifications assuming no overselling and proper host node management. A high LEBRE score means nothing if the host node is terribly oversold or the provider does not control abusive neighbours.

Finally, keeping in the lowend tradition, only boxes advertised at USD7 and under per month will be reviewed.

TL;DR A LEBRE score of above 70 is great, while a score above 100 is exceptional.