The Whitelist

There are many lowend VPS and hosting providers online. Some are professional outfits, while others are summer hosts or fly-by-night operations out to make quick profits from unsuspecting customers. It is far too easy for an individual with some technical know-how to rent a dedicated machine for a year, buy a cheap domain name, oversell hundreds of lowend boxes at incredibly cheap prices and then disappear, only to repeat the same tactic under another name later.

Maintaining a blacklist of hosting providers is thus an unproductive endeavor. Therefore, LowEndBoxes Review has decided to maintain a whitelist of reliable lowend hosting providers. This list is curated at our discretion by analyzing different online sources and represents our professional opinion that these providers are extremely unlikely to be scammers or unreliable hosting providers.

The Whitelist is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but strives to provide sufficient highly reliable and trustworthy choices for most potential buyers to make decisions that are unlikely to result in being cheated or scammed. For a comprehensive list of other hosts, see the Useful Resources and Communities section in the sidebar.

Your mileage with the listed hosts will vary depending on your own conduct and behavior.

List of whitelisted lowend hosts (arranged alphabetically)