HostSolutions storage VPS longitudinal review

We present the HostSolutions storage VPS longitudinal review of its “Dracula” storage deal offered during Halloween 2019.

Due to a number of concerns that have been previously expressed about its reliability of on some forums, we decided to perform a HostSolutions storage VPS longitudinal review. We ran the benchmark script almost daily for a month, choosing a random time each day to eliminate systemic temporal patterns.

The daily results for each marker are presented using bar charts below. At the end of the review, the total uptime of this storage box was 28 days, 10 hours.

Note: Charts are interactive. You can mouse over each bar to see the actual value.

The longitudinal data clearly shows that the performance is generally quite consistent and stable across time. For disk read-write speeds, there were some severe issues initially (probably with abusive users hogging the disk). HostSolutions clearly was monitoring. There was no more poor disk I/O performance after the first few days, mostly between 180 – 200 MB/s at any time of the day.

Network speeds were generally acceptable across the time period, performing very well in Europe (an expected finding as HostSolutions’ servers are in Romania). Speeds to Asia and North America were acceptable (hovering around 5 MB/s).

There was a period where speeds to Seattle was almost zero but from the data, that seems to have been corrected.

As this is a storage box, we did not perform Geekbench scores because the box is purely meant for storage and not for CPU intensive tasks.

Final words

The month-long data from our HostSolutions storage VPS longitudinal review clearly shows that it now has very stable and reliable host nodes for their storage products. Advertised then at the price of 1.388 euros/month for 1TB of storage, the performance for the price is unbelievable.

While this review is by no means conclusive, the longitudinal data gives greater confidence that HostSolutions VPS products offered in recent times are stable, not oversold, performs very well at a very low price and deserves a place in The Whitelist.

Note: Hostsolutions is offering this deal again as a pre-Black Friday offer.