Multiple low end box hosts shutting down

A list of apparently low-end hosts have suddenly announced their collective closure of their low end box hosting business. The current list of hosts that are currently known to be affected are:

  • ArkaHosting
  • SupremeVPS
  • UMaxHosting
  • Hosting73
  • HostBRZ
  • KudoHosting
  • HostedSimply
  • SnowVPS
  • DCNHost
  • ServerStrong
  • LQHosting
  • MegaZoneHosting
  • StrongHosting
  • Bigfoot Servers
  • SuperbVPS
  • x4servers
  • N3servers
  • SparkVPS

If you have any low end box with the above-mentioned hosts, please back up your data and file disputes with your payment processor as soon as possible. Some of these hosts may still be accepting new orders. Please do not order any service from them. For further news and updates, please see the discussion over here.

We would like to remind everyone that there are many unreliable hosting services online and that is why we work on providing The Whitelist. If you are looking for a reliable hosting service, please consider supporting one of the providers on this list.