Whitelist de-listing: HostDoc

We do not like to de-list our whitelisted providers, but unfortunately we have to make this difficult decision to de-list HostDoc from the Whitelist with effect from today.

HostDoc’s WHMCS implementation has been randomly leaking customer information for several months: see here, here, here and here (LowEndSpirit login needed to read as the information was posted to member’s only section).

HostDoc has admitted the problem exists and claims it was fixed. See here (LowEndSpirit login needed).

However, issue of being able to access a random customer’s services continued to surface this week, with multiple forum members reporting they had access to someone else’s services: see here, here and here (LowEndSpirit login needed).

Given the current state of evidence, we are de-listing HostDoc because compromising customers’ private data is a red line. If we have firm evidence that HostDoc customers’ private data are no longer randomly compromised, we will consider reinstating HostDoc.