Wishosting KVM Boxing Day 2019 SSD Special

Wishosting is now having a limited time offer with their Boxing Day 2019 special offer. This provider is not one with flashy promotions, but when they do offer promotions, you should certainly take notice because they are usually superb deals! Here are the specs of the current Wishosting KVM Boxing Day 2019 SSD Special:

  • Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 @ 2.50GHz
  • 2 vCPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 100GB disk storage
  • SSD disk type
  • 5TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1 Gbps Port
  • $9.99 per quarter (or $3.99 monthly)
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri

The results of the LEBRE scoring methodology (using the lower $3.33 per month amount) is as follows:

Well, well, what can we say? Compared to REBOX1, this Wishosting offer only failed to match our reference box in two aspects: CPU Passmark score and Disk Type, although both of these are still acceptable in terms of the price-performance ratio. When we look at all the other indicators, they easily hold their own compared to REBOX1 and is most certainly excellent value for money!

The RAM and bandwidth are very generous for the quarterly pricing, and the 100GB fast SSD storage you get for a mere $3.33 per month (if you pay quarterly) is an absolute steal. You will probably not have to worry about running out of space ever if you are not doing anything particularly intensive on storage like video files, raw DSLR images or Linux ISOs.

The overall LEBRE score of 143 suggests that this box is superb in value and justifiably so. The CPU is doesn’t get speeding tickets like our REBOX1 but it is more than sufficient to power most needs. Everything else is a bargain for that price, and this should be one of your Christmas hauls this year.

TL;DR At a monthly price of less than half of a Starbucks coffee, this is an affordable beast for most use cases. Just buy it already.

If you are afraid of missing this excellent Wishosting KVM Boxing Day 2019 SSD offer, buy your box immediately and support Wishosting, who is on The Whitelist.